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If you are small business looking to make your finances a lot simpler and accessible from anywhere you can be connected, then Xero is the package for you. You may not need to be convinced of that – but don’t know where to start.

Boost can work with businesses in the Nelson/Tasman and Marlborough areas to set-up, convert your old system, train and if necessary run your financial systems. We are a small Nelson-based team who are focussed on ensuring we give exceptional service to our customers. Your success drives ours.

  1. Implementation:

    We will need to understand your current business processes, and use a suitable time in the financial year to plan an implementation. We will provide a list of the details you will need in order to get ready for implementation, set up Xero for your business, and then ensure the opening balances/ balance sheet etc are ready for correct operation in Xero.

    Contact us to discuss your requirements.

  2. Training:

    While Xero is easy to use generically, it helps to get training about how the system has been set up for your company. This includes understanding how different transactions need to be coded, and reports to run to manage your finances efficiently.

    Contact us to discuss your requirements.

  3. Ongoing Support:

    It could be that you would prefer to have someone else take care of the financial process – we can provide that support to businesses. Or – maybe you just need someone on a monthly basis to check that you are on the right path and answer any questions about specific transactions.

    Contact us to discuss your requirements.

If you need to learn more about Xero, please click here for their website for small businesses (, or view a video on the key essentials here (

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